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Plans for 2020 are that Amiety will be having her last litter and although we have not yet chosen who the father will be it will be a champion dog as I intend to keep one of the puppies so I can continue Amieties line.  Expected delivery date will be April May.  If you could be interested in one of the puppies do get in touch.

August 2019



I am delighted to report that we have found the best possible home for Bailey with a lovely retired couple who have had Dachshunds before.  She is now living on a 20 acre estate with a large house where she has the run of everywhere.  Suffice to say despite my anxiety and sadness at this decision it was quite obviously the best thing for Bailey.






It is with a very heavy heart that I am going to have to re-home my girl Bailey.  She is the most gorgeous Pin Wire coated Standard Wire Haired Dachshund who has the most adorable character.  She originally came from Hungary from a well respected small Breeder and was to be part of my dachshund family.  Unfortunately it has become very obvious that she does not enjoy sharing me with the other dogs and gets very jealous.  She loves to run, will walk all day and is very active.  She prefers to sit on the sofa with you and does follow you everywhere.  She walks well on a lead is up to date with vaccinations, worming etc, not 100% housetrained and does dislike some dogs when walking.  She travels well in the car and loves being groomed.  She must go to an experienced home without other animals.  Anyone who applies will be fully vetted, must sign a contract and pay a fee.  If you would like to be considered as Bailey's new family please contact  me as per the contacts page



Oh my goodness.  Amiety did have her new litter on the 7th May.  10 puppies!!  When we had her scanned at four weeks we could see four puppies, the vet said maybe a couple more hiding.  I guessed five or six!!  The good news is everyone is happy and healthy and I have fabulous new homes for all of them.


The next litter will be Bailey in January February next year with Brokk being the dad and then Amiety will have her last litter in May 2020.  Not yet decided on the father for this litter as I will be keeping one and it may be my next Stud dog if everything goes well.  Do get in touch if you would be interested in a puppy from either litter.



Amiety will be my next girl to have a litter and Brokk will be the father.  Anticipated delivery will be the beginning of May 2019.  Although I do have a waiting list please let me know if you would like to be kept advised.

Bailey successfully delivered a fabulous litter of seven puppies on 5th January 2019.  All are sold.  If you would like to see some more pictures and videos do go to my Facebook Page Derdledash Dachshunds.

22nd November 2018


Bailey has now been successfully mated and fingers crossed should be having puppies on or around 5th January.


As I will be keeping one of these puppies for myself and wanted a new bloodline Bailey has been mated with a super dog called Faust (Tendrow Moondance).  For those of you who love my Brokk they are very much alike except Faust has been in many show rings and achieved great success including obtaining his Stud Book number, being a prize winner at the World Dog Show in Amsterdam this summer and a Reserve CC apart from many first places including Crufts.  The best thing from my point of view is that Faust is of good breeding and has the most amazing temperament just like Brokk.


Obviously we have to let nature take its course and I will be having Bailey scanned at four weeks for confirmation of puppies


Some pictures of the happy couple if you click on the link below you can see them both in my Google Album.




Daisy has now gone to the most perfect home with Anne and Maureen in Essex.  She is the only dog and is being treated like the star she is.  As Anne says "Daisy has more appointments in her diary than I do".  Thank you Anne and Maureen and you will always be missed Daisy.

It is with a very heavy heart that I have made the decision to rehome my precious Daisy.  For sometime now she has been bullied by my other dogs and has been attacked.

I have decided it is not fair to keep Daisy in this environment and despite her being the softest and kindest dog who I would not have parted with for the world it is the best for her.

If you look at the section on my website (www.derdledash.uk) for Daisy you will see she has been very successful in the show ring, achieving her stud book number at only her first Champion Show, placed at Crufts and many Best in Breed awards and has had two gorgeous litters of puppies.  She has been spayed, is wormed and inoculated.

Her tail wags all the time and she loves going for walks.  She has become a little nervous with loud bangs.  She walks well on the lead, will chase rabbits if given the chance and her biggest failing is that if left on her own too long she may attack the soft furnishings!  

Daisy is the kindest soul, loves nothing better than laying in front of the fire, on your lap or beside you on the settee.

I will vet all enquiries very carefully and require a payment for her to ensure she is going to a good home.  If you think you can offer Daisy the home she needs please give me a ring on either 01132 812624 or 07801 953 689.  Thank you.




It is with a very heavy heart that I have made the decision to rehome my precious Daisy.  For sometime now she has been bullied by Bailey and at times of stress such as getting ready to go for a walk and when any of the girls are in season, poor Daisy is attacked.  We have just come back from the vets for the fourth time now with antibiotics and pain relief after Daisy was involved in an altercation with her bigger pack mates.


I have decided it is not fair to keep Daisy in this environment and despite her being the softest and kindest dog who I would not have parted with for the world it is the least of two evils.  I do not want to have to keep her separate from everyone else or re-home the rest of the pack so I am looking for the best home possible for her.  I have tried everything I can to sort out the issues including Adaptil collars and plug ins but everything has failed.


Her new home must ideally be a home without other dogs although her new family must have knowledge of keeping dogs, must have an enclosed garden and no small children.  If you look at the section on my website for Daisy you will see she has been very successful in the show ring and has had two gorgeous litters of puppies.  She has been spayed, is wormed and inoculated with Lepto 4 up to date and fully insured with the Kennel Club.


Her tail wags all the time and she loves going for walks.  She has become a little nervous with loud bangs and noisy engines recently after a close shave with a noisy motor bike on the bridle path.  She walks well on the lead, will chase rabbits if given the chance and her biggest failing is that if left on her own too long she may attack the soft furnishings!  Daisy does have a softer coat than most but is easily looked after with the occasional bath and the clippers now.  She is not too keen having her nails clipped but with someone holding her will allow this.  Health wise she does have a heart murmur which will need checking when she has her annual booster but otherwise is healthy girl.  Currently she is fed Eden Kibble and seems very happy on this.


Daisy is the kindest soul, loves nothing better than laying in front of the fire, on your lap or beside you on the settee.  She has been crate trained and will sleep in one or a playpen and is used to a plastic bed with Vetbed and a fleece for warmth.


I will vet all enquiries very carefully and require a payment for her to ensure she is going to a good home.  If you think you can offer Daisy the home she needs please give me a ring on either 01132 812624 or 07801 953 689.  Thank you.

21st April 2018




I am delighted to announce the much awaited arrival of Brokk and Amiety’s second litter.  Born on the 7th April 2018 were seven puppies, four girls and three boys.  All healthy puppies and a mix of dark brindle, light brindle and wild boar.  Amiety bless her has put a lot into this litter and is quite thin but being the perfect mother again.  I slept on a camp bed with them for the first 10 days and am now back in my bed with a baby monitor.  Just up a couple of times in the night.  Amiety is eating non stop so will be back to normal again soon.


Finding names has again been a bit of trial but I decided to carry on with Brokks theme which was Viking or Norse names and have chosen some God and Goddess names including Derdledash Tricky Loke, D....h King Oden, D....h Thunderous Thor, Hunting Perchata, Youthful Indunn, Winter Skadi, Lady Freya and Victorious Sigyn.


I have added some pictures and videos which I hope you will all enjoy.

28th February 2018


Long Awaited Update.


Fingers crossed Amiety and Brokk are now expecting puppies early April.  Amiety is having a little morning sickness and after a long delay coming into season this time we cant wait.


Hopefully Bailey will be having her first litter in the summer so we will be having two litters pretty close together should be a busy time.


6th July 2017


Update on New Litters.


The next litter of the kennels will be Amiety’s which I anticipate will be about February 2018 time.  At the present time I expect Brokk to be the dad so we can look forward to some great puppies again if all goes well.  I do run a waiting list so if you wish to be kept posted and events send me an email with your details or give me a ring and I will let you know what happens and when.





4th July 2017


Apologies for the delay in updating the puppies section of the site.  Having decided to keep Clyde from Daisy’s last litter (see Clyde’s page) and importing a puppy from Hungary all immediately after the puppies left home I have not had time to sit and type!


Daisy has now fully recovered from her huge litter and her subsequent operation so much so that you would hardly know she had had them.


All the puppies have gone to amazing homes again to different parts of the country and I am pleased to report that one was purchased by a family who had met two of Daisy’s previous puppies and were so taken they had to have one.  One has gone to a family who want to teach her how to work so occasionally she can accompany the head of the family hunting.  At just 14 weeks she was tracking like an adult proving the hunting instinct in these dogs is still very strong.  The others are all happy friendly family pets loved by everyone as hoped.

17th February 2017




The puppies are now thriving and so is Dasiy.  Daisy has six drinks of puppy milk and four plates of puppy food plus she is now eating her normal food too.  She is gradually putting on a little weight and also has plenty of milk for the pups.  I am still sleeping with them as I need to ensure they share the feeds and also make sure Daisy does not get sore.  I have it all down to an easy movement now, I roll out of the camp bed onto my knees on a cushion just outside the whelping box, do what I have to do and just roll back, easy!!

Some of the puppies are now beginning to open their eyes and I think they are just beginning to hear too.  It’s amazing how they seem to move so quickly round the box even though they cannot even stand yet.  Their little legs are getting stronger.  Won’t be long now before they start coming out of the box


I did have some sad news today however.  Due to a tragic accident poor little Ida has died.  Her family are devastated and my heart goes out to them.  She was one of Amiety's litter from the summer and she was a much loved addition to a fabulous family already suffering from a loss at the time.  She had a short life but I know she had a good life.  The family loved her so much they have asked if they could have another puppy from Amiety next year and I cant think of a better home for one.  It is always sad to hear of such a loss but I know she gave much love and happiness to a family needing love at the time.

4th February 2017


Daisy and Brokk's Puppies

We have just had the most frightening and amazing four days. Dear Daisy was huge with her puppies and as before she put everything into the puppies to her detriment. She was so thin and undernourished and after testing was anemic, very low calcium levels, and had very high heart beat and respiration. On Tuesday the vets gave her a calcium infusion and I spent Tuesday night and Wednesday staying with her all the time. By lunchtime Thursday I was not happy with her and to cut a long story short we agreed to have a second C section. The vets were very concerned she would not make it and of course for the life of the puppies. I had a phone call from one of the surgeons nurses at 5 pm to say "Daisy is on the operating table and we have six puppies so far! She has torn her uterus due to the number of puppies and we recommend we spay her now." I could not put her through another pregnancy so agreed. My next call nearly knocked me off the sofa, "Daisy and puppies are doing well you can come and pick them up at six thirty". I asked if I needed a big or small crate for the puppies and he said I should bring a trailer! NINE puppies, three girls and six boys.

The puppies are all just amazing, dark brindle and wild boar just what I wanted. Daisy is having six tins of puppy food a day plus lots of treats. However I am a little worse for wear as no sleep since 8 am Wednesday. Bottles every two hours for nine puppies, toileting them before feeds and after, Daisy meds., food, water and lifting into and out of the garden. All 24/7 until Daisy has put on some weight and produced some milk. Who would be a breeder? Good job I love them.

The puppies did not get their colostrum so may be more susceptible to infection. We have battened down the hatches and bleaching everything including poor Amiety and Brokk!

I am so lucky to have fabulous homes for all the puppies already and I know they cant wait to see their new baby. There is still a lot to do until we can celebrate but nature is an amazing thing and it never ceases to amaze me. The sun is shining and Dasiy is beginning to eat and drink well, she is even showing signs of a bit of milk so fingers crossed I can get some sleep soon.

16th December 2016


Great news Brokk and Daisy have had a successful tie and we hope to hear the patter of tiny feet again round about 4th February so fingers crossed we have some Daisy Brokk babies.


Merry Christmas and Happy New everyone in particular to all the Derdledash puppies and their families.


1st November 2016

Apoligies for not posting since July life has been a little hectic and you can catch up on my Blog.  I will post some more pictures of both Daisy's and Amiety's puppies soon.  The update on litters so far as that I hope to have another litter from Daisy by Brokk early in the New Year and then I hope to have another litter from Amiety but by Peter Pattersons dog Obi or to be precise Treis Pinheiros Obi Kenobi Sw (Imp Esp) who since being imported has won show after show and has a wonderful temperament provided of course Brokk keeps himself in check!!  I do have quite a waiting list already but dont be put off as you never know until the puppies are ready to leave home where we are with that.  Excitinng times ahead.

17th July 2016  The puppies are all growing and thriving under Amiety's care and with Auntie Daisy's help.  Their eyes are beginning to open and they are beginning to hear.  Below are some pictures of the little ones.

3rd July 2016


Fantastic news, on Thursday Amiety had an amazing litter of four boys and four girls.  Text book birth started with contractions at 4 pm and last pup at 10.30 pm.  Three breach births but event these did not phase her, all now suckling and growing by the day.  What a birthday present for me, just two days early!  We have brindle and wild board and each one is just perfect.

First Puppy already suckling just seconds after birth

1st May 2016


Great news at last our boy Brokk has just managed to tie with Amiety and they are now like the old married couple.  Although we had another dog in mind just in case, due to a unguarded moment it looks like we can now keep our fingers crossed for a litter of puppies due around 3rd July, 2016.  Watch this space for more information

19th January 2016


All Daisy's puppies now sold and on their way to their new homes over the next couple of weeks


Planning our next litter Amiety will be having her first litter at the beginning of June.  We will be using either our own Brokk or a superb new import very much like Amiety's dad.  Watch this space for updates.  If you would like to go on the waiting list for one of these first class puppies let me know.

5th December 2015


It is with great pleasure I can announce the arrival of our first litter.  Daisy produced 5 very big bouncy boys by caesarean on the 25th November 2015.  Daisy has been an amazing mum although we had to supplement feeds initially as there was not enough milk to satisfy these big boys.


Daisy has now had her stitches out and the boys have almost trebled in size since birth in just 10 days.


Dad is the famous “Tony” or to be precise Ch Fransin Brasilian TP Panettone (IMP ITA) ShCM.  Owned by Stewart McPherson and Peter Paterson at the Brumberhill Kennels.  He was born in Italy, bred by Francesca Cassin, together with Hugo Quevedo from Brazilian parents, bred at the famous Treis Pinheiros Kennel owned by Carlos M Pedroso Neto and Patricia Romanelli.  He has many wins to his name but is also a very loving dog with typical wire attributes.


We have decided that as it is close to Christmas the puppies should have seasonal names so with a prefix of Derdledash for the kennel name they are to be called Comet, Cupid, Dancer, Dasher and Prancer which actually as their personalities progress are very appropriate.


I have had phenomenal interest in these puppies and it has been a pleasure to be able to choose the homes these little guys are going to and so far I have placed five of them to very special new families.  The one left will only go to the best home and you will be interviewed by me so have your answers ready!


Our next litter is due in about six months when Amiety will be having her first and hopefully this will be by our very own Brokk.  Watch this space.

Daisy showing her baby bump
Daisy trying out the chair as a whelping box
Daisy trying out Pepe's bed as a whelping box
At last the puppies have arrived 5 big boys
Puppies dad winning a CC at Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show
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