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I have collated as many pictures as I can of my little dogs, do have a look and see if they make you laugh and feel as happy as they do me.  Also I have started a Blog below and you may be interested to hear what we all get up to.


If you like Youtube you can visit my channel at Susan Eldred where you can see a lot of videos of the dogs.

22nd November 2018


That’s life they say, nothing stays the same.  Since my last blog again lots happened hence the lack of updates just don’t know where the time goes.


For those of you keeping up to date with Facebook you will know that two of my little guys have gone to new homes.  Daisy bless her after being spayed did not get on with Bailey and Amiety and when the other girls were in season the fights between them all became totally out of hand.  After the fifth trip to the vets with Daisy and her having to have a general anaesthetic and 11 stitches I made the very difficult decision to try and find her a new home.  I was very lucky to find the best home possible for her with mother and daughter in Essex.  To say she is now an Essex Princess would be an understatement her social diary is busier than mine!  Although i still miss her dreadfully I know I made the right decision and she is a very happy girl now with all the attention.


Following this success I decided Clyde would probably be better as an only dog particularly as I could not show him after his little accident as a puppy so contacted a couple who had missed out on a puppy twice from my previous litters and guess what, they had fallen in love with Clyde when they came to visit but did not dare ask if he was available.  Apparently it was the best birthday present they could hope for and he is now living the life of riley in Leeds, travelling regularly in a motor home for trips away and of course sleeping on the sofa or his new owner’s bed!  I am so lucky that two of my best friends have ended up in such good homes.


I did say previously I wanted to get back to showing again and now matters with the new house and poor mum have quietened down a little i entered a few Open Shows locally to get back into the swing of things.  I took both Amiety and Bailey to one show and then just Amiety to two further shows, both girls doing well with Amiety winning all her classes, she is such a super star.  Just a couple more before Christmas and before things become hectic again with possibly puppies in the house.


See my puppies section of the site for updates, and the links section for more information you may find helpful.


Two major updates I need to mention are that I have now been confirmed for a further three years by the Kennel Club as an Assured Breeder and have applied for a licence from my local council.  Unfortunately they do not yet know what conditions apply to me and so are currently considering whether I need one or not I will update my site on this when I know.




6th July 2018


I cant believe it is a year since I last updated my website.  The time has flown and there has been much happening.


Poor mum fell and broke her thigh bone just before Christmas and then fell and broke the same bone again 12 weeks later.  She spent nearly six months in hospital and is now in a local care home recuperating.  Suffice to say my plans all came to a halt as I spent much of my time visiting.  She is much improved but I am not yet sure if she will be able to go to the dog shows again but we will wait and see.


On top of mums accident I was trying very hard to get my new house finished.  I purchased a Grade II listed Georgian House in the same village (just some 500 yards away from my old house) and have spent two years totally refurbishing and renovating it.  Most of the work has had to be done by professionals as there was a lot of building work i.e. new roof, taking out chimney breasts, new kitchen bathroom etc.  To cut a long story short it is just amazing and I moved in June 28th just three days before my birthday.  Guess why I moved, yes you guessed it for the dogs.  There is a huge garden at the back completely walled and with shade under trees it is perfect for them.


On top of everything else I managed to fracture a few bones in my foot and tore a couple of tendons, just falling over a rolled carpet as you do.  I have now been in plaster for five weeks and hope to have the plaster off next week.  Not easy packing boxes and looking after dogs I can assure you, no driving either so I have had to take taxis everywhere!


Despite all that has gone on Amiety bless her had her second litter of puppies on the 6th April.  Seven puppies two of which were huge.  Bit hairy this time as the first puppy got stuck and was breach so I had to help and then it took another five hours before the second one.  I am sure Amiety decided that the first one was a bit of shock so she crossed her legs.  It took two calls to the vet and for me to pack a bag ready to go before she relented and produced the second one.  The rest then came quite quickly.  All perfect little puppies, eating well and growing like mad.  Amiety I think was growing the two big ones a bit too much so she was a bit thin after the birth but we soon built her up with Goats Milk, Cheese, Puppy Food and lots of treats.  All have got excellent homes and although I have one still with me waiting for his new family to come back from holiday he goes next weekend as well.  Its going to be quiet in the Derdledash household.  Might even get some unpacking done.


Exciting times next year as hope to have a litter from Bailey and Amiety, planning on keeping one of Amiety’s puppies to show and join the pack. Fingers crossed.  I want to be able to get back to showing again too next year although it may have to be without mum.  We will wait and see.


Finally must just say that although I moved so the dogs could have a big garden, they managed to find the Fox Poo!!!  Did not expect that.

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